Edelrostoptik für Einfassungen mit historischem und ländlichem Charakter

200 mm Profilhöhe ist die stabile Variante für Auffahrten und Wege

Einfassungssysteme mit Wasserabfluss

Varioklipp® Spiel
Einfassungen für Spielfelder & Boccia-Bahnen more


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This malleable profile with a height of 97 or 150 mm (P10 and P15) is ideal for neat edgings of paths and beds in gardens, parks and sports grounds as well as gravesites...


This bendable profile with a height of 55, 120 or 200 mm (P55, P12 and P20) has a smooth side and top.

It is suitable as a pathway ­­border, for roof greening, paving ­­borders as well as for the edges of lawn grating ­slabs­...


The  Gramiflex® lawn edge is excellent for edging lawns­, beds as well as sandboxes and play­grounds.

You have the option of running hosepipes and ­power­ supply lines quickly and safely­­in the protected hollow duct...

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The main focus is on the design and stability of this path and paving­­ border. You have a choice of ­ two anchoring methods. For the visible­ part of the support ­rail you have a choice of natural­, silver and dark ­bronze anodised aluminium or stainless ­steel...

  Omniflex® aqua

This foil ­clamping­ profile was specifically developed to edge ­ ponds and swimming pools ­lined with foil in an appealing way. Both curved and elegant straight shapes can be created ...



The very stable and height-adaptable Varioklipp® (raised) bed­ system is especially suitable for creating ­raised­ beds, sandboxes ­ and gravel splash guard ­ strips...

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Varioklipp® S

The combination of rust-free and easy-to-handle alu­minium­ pro­fi­les with a silicone fall protection rail makes this edging system unique ...


Varioklipp® Spiel

The Varioklipp® Spiel edging system with its special silicone profile at the top provides a neat, durable and technically sophisticated solution for game alleys and sports tracks, e.g. boccia alleys...



Corten steel creates a surface in a patina finish look. This individual and warm colour shade is particularly suitable for historic buildings, cottage gardens and cemeteries...

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